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At Yeyeko supply all equipment required by the industrial laundry, equipment can be supplied as used, revised or rebuilt as required by the customer. All reconditioned and used laundry equipment is sourced in Germany or Northern Europe from working laundries where the equipment has been maintained and serviced to a high standard. Please check our MACHINE LIST


Wash Extractors,Tunnel washers, Dewatering Presses, Dryers, Feeders, Feeders, Ironers (Steam, Gas), Sheet Folders, Towel Folders, Tunnel Finishers, Uniform Folders and more. Please sent your request of the equipment you need and we will contact you as soon as posible.

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Tunnel Washer Jensen
Type: Jensen Senking Universal
Model: P50-13
Compartments: 13 x 50 kg
Year: 1999
Rebuilt: 2020
Jensen Ironer EX20
Steam Heated
Roll diameter: 2000 mm
Roll width: 3300 mm
Year: 2005
Feeder Logic
Working widht: 3300 mm
Tunnel Washer Senking
13 Compartments - 36 kg
Rebuilt 2019.
Available with Press and Dryers or alone.
Washer Extractor Unica
Capacity: 100 kg
Compartments: 3
Factory Rebuilt
Steam Ironer Setra
Rolls: 2
Roll Diamater: 1000 MM
Roll Width: 3300
Year: 2005
State: Working Conditions
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