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Tunnel washers

CBW Lavatec LT50x15 BT / Year :2017 SOLD

Press Lavatec LP 572 / Year :2017        SOLD

Jensen CBW P36-10 UNIVERSAL / YEAR 2007

Jensen Centrifuge Z1200 / Year: 2007 (REBUILT: 2023)


Jensen press SEP36 MD (37 Bar) / 2018

Kannegiesser CBW PT50-9 / Year: 2010

Jensen CBW P60-8 / Year: 2007

Lavatec CBW 8x36 / Year: 2012

Lavatec  Press LP561/ 36 Kg


CBW 1x KANNEGIESSER Power-Trans PT 50-12 Year: 2006     SOLD

With KANNEGIESSER Press PP 10-50-56 Turbo Year: 2007       SOLD


CBW 1x Arista 50 kg x10 year 2010 very nice ready to install




​Lavatec  Press LP571/ 50 Kg

Complete ironer lines 

Kannegiesser Ironer-line year 2017

For  high quality  table sheets and napkins

Pos 1.  Feeder Kannegiesser Type: EMC 33-01

Pos 2.  Ironer Kannegiesser  Type: HPM - Grand 33


            Heating: Steam

Pos 3.Folding machine Kannegiesser Type: RFL.II 33-1/2/3-3

Pos 4.Small parts folding and stacking machine Kannegiesser

         Type: SKF 33-3 Number of stackers: 3

Jensen Ironer-line 2x1200x4000 mm year :2012

Pos 1. Jenfeed Basic Plus 4000mm 1/2/4 L

Pos 2. Jensen Ironer EXP : 2x1200x4000mm steam heated

Pos 3. Jensen Folder  Jenfold Magic 1/2/4

Pos 4. Jensen Folder Jenstack Napkin & Bottom UP




1xLapauw 2x1200x3000 mm 1990

1xLapauw 2x1200x3300 mm 1990

the best series built by Lapauw with fix bed and gears in oil bath


1x Dhooghe 3x800x3300 year 2000


Transfer Dryers

Special Deals


Jensen Feeder Logic Plus  

3 loading station / width: 3300 mm / Year: 2013

Gas heated Jensen Ironer 1x2000x3300 / Year: 2013

Ask  photos and info and price

​All prices are ex works or ex laundry


The machines in present state or rebuild when its mentioned.

For photos and more information please ask


If you have a well-functioning laundry but still have too many washing machines.

You can save a lot on water, steam and energy. By installing a complete overhauled  continuous batch washer

Feel free to contact us


Rare spare parts

if you can no longer find certain parts for your laundry machines, you can always ask,

give us the brand, type of machine, machine number, possibly a photo, we will see if we can help you


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