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    Laundry equipment stock list September 2023

POS 1. 
4x DT120 Dryers steam heated Sold!!


POS 2. 
3x Jensen DT 90 G  Gas heated Sold !!


POS 3. 
4 x Kannegiesser dryers D60 G-WU-R-B-IR year 2009.
Capacity 60 Kg Gas Heated / Transfer dryer
Without Shuttle and legs


​POS 4.
Lavatec CBW 8x36 / Year: 2012 with Lavatec Press LP561


Jensen CBW Type: P60-8 Highline 60Kg X 8 rebuilding finish 11/2023


POS 6.
Jensen CBW 50x14 universal year 2004 wit Jensen Press SEP50 MD year 2012
Still running free end February 2012


POS 7.
Jensen Centrifuge Z1200 / Year: 2007 rebuild
Charge: 62 kg
Lateral laundry ejection (90 degrees)
incl. overhaul work new main bearing


POS 8.
Lavatec Press LP561 Year 2001 workshop tested


POS 9. 
MILNOR 2x Washer Extractors 2 open pockets capacity 77 Kg
Typ: MWF 77Z Year : 2014 withControl Milnor MilTouch


POS 10.
Kannegiesser Ironer-line
Still running free November 2023
Feeder EMD-35-01+2-1/2/4 Kannegiesser 08/2006 3500 mm
Ironer HLM 12-35-2 Kannegiesser 03/2004 2-Roller, Steam heated 3500 mm
Folder RFM 35-1/2/4-3-KR3-SR1L Kannegiesser 08/2006 3500 mm
Folder MKF-35-4 Kannegiesser 08/2006 4 Stapler, 3500 mm 
All the machines with new model IBT
Include new bridge for between the rolls from the ironer Still unpacked
Ironer line: 3300mm
Feeder Kannegiesser GZ –GEM ½ LINE
Ironer Dhooghe 3x800x3300 Year 2000
Folder SFM ½ LINE 2/3 longfolds 2/3 cross fold with Stacker
Pos 12.
1x Jensen feeder Logic plus ½ line with clamps 3500- 4000mm Year 2010 Sold !!
1x Jensen folder Universal 4000mm ½ line year 2004 sold !!


Kannegiesser picker Typ: PU 12 U 10/2016


POS 14  
JENSEN Towel folder TEMATIC Pro 3 x 1 YEAR 2012 Sold !!


POS 15.
Kannegiesser Towel folder AFM Sold !!


POS 16 .
Jensen Towel folder Tematic Year2007 Sold!!


POS 17.
Kannegiesser Ironer HPM 2x1200x3000mm
Kannegiesser RFM 


Pos 18.
Jensen Press SEP 36 Year 2007 Sold !!


POS 19.
Kannegiesser 2 towel folders twin position TFM 18 Year 2008


POS 20.
GIRBAU Washer extractor Typ: HS-6040 IC-V year 2019 Sold !!


POS 21.
Ironing Line Year 2010
• Jensen Logic feeder
• Ironer Lapauw 2C933 STEAM HEATED 
• Jensen Classic folder


POS 22.

Girbau CBW 50 


Ask  photos and info and price

​All prices are ex works or ex laundry


The machines in present state or rebuild when its mentioned.

For photos and more information please ask


If you have a well-functioning laundry but still have too many washing machines.

You can save a lot on water, steam and energy. By installing a complete overhauled  continuous batch washer

Feel free to contact us


Rare spare parts

if you can no longer find certain parts for your laundry machines, you can always ask,

give us the brand, type of machine, machine number, possibly a photo, we will see if we can help you


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